Covers of potatoes for oily skin

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Murphy cover dries. 2.1 Boil potato tuber in a uniform, clean out, blend with 2-3 tbsp. Of corn. A mixture was applied to the face and to hold 15 - 20 minutes, covered with a linen napkin. Then rinse with heartwarming h2o.

Cover of potatoes. Potato flour (1-2 tbsp.) assorted with 2 tablespoons of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Read more -->

Covers of strawberries

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Despite a fact that pear pronounced seasonal fruit, he also enjoys great popularity in cosmetics so may be indicative of more than 20 varied recipes to make a cover of strawberry for various face types. If you keep access to the "deposits" strawberry suggest sure to read this article.

Masks of pears

Pear - a lovely helper in cosmetology. With proper treatment may qualitatively whiten a skin and give it elasticity, tone. We keep prepared a short article with recipes of pears, which will help you find the treatment of this great apples.

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Masks with orange for dry facial skin

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Orange cover. 1 soup spoon of oat floury, wheat floury or almond bran mix with the juice of one orange. Porridge put on a face, covering it with gauze. Of the 15-20 min, remove a mask, wash a facial skin with cool water.

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