Masks medium banana

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We get yet mentioned that the big banana is widely applicable in the field of cosmetics and is suitable for all skin types. In this section, I wish to offer you any recipes that are suitable for various face types. Because in a big banana containing active substances used in its production lines nourishing creams. Skin masks of big banana not only moisturize and nourish, but also make more elastic dry skin. Nourishing Mask of banana is beneficial for normal face type, filling her with all a vitamins of the apples, and also improves a complexion and smoothes nice lines.

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Covers of peach for all skin types

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Peach mask. Pulp of one ripe peach mix with 1 spoon of soup chamomile. Use on skin for 20 minutes, so rinse with hot water.

Peach softening mask. 1/2 cup of natural milk diluted with the like volume of peach nectar. Soaked in this mixture layer of cotton or gauze attached to a face for 15 - 20 minutes, covered with a wet wiper. Following removing the cover to wipe his face with a cotton swab and rub cream.

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Covers of potatoes for every skin

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Potato toning mask for sensitive facial skin. Peeled raw potato grate, slurry is placed 'tween 2 layers of gauze, put on skin for 15-20 min and rinse with heartwarming h2o. Already with a overlay mask on a facial skin to the neck skin, too, can put the potatoes slices.

Murphy cover for parched face. Some potatoes boiled in your skins, peel, bruise into a puree and combine with good cream or cream to the consistency of great spotting gravity. The mix in a shape of heat applied to the face for 10-Fifteen minutes, then wipe the facial skin with a cotton swab.

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Alelsinovo-curd cover for aging skin of the neck skin.

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2 spoon fat curds mixed with a extract of half an orange and 1 teaspoonful of vegetable oil. The mix is used to a double folded gauze, which pribintovyvayut a neck for 15-20 minutes. Later removing a mask neck water-washed with hot water. This mask is desirable to 2 times a 7 days.

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Folk remedies for blackheads

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Almost every girl is facing a extremely painful and unsightly issue how black dots that appear on a face. Once you appear on a skin, a skin becomes untidy and she becomes unattractive and sloppy exterior, and they can seriously spoil the mood.

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Masks quince

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Quince - this is a deciduous tree or shrub, fruiting fragrant fruit round or pear-shaped. Now cultivated in almost all parts of Europe. Quince fruit fresh to possess astringent astringent taste, because of a content of tannins. In preparation, mainly used in the production of compotes, jams, jellies and however a seasoning.

Skin care quince and lotions. When you add variant ingredients can be selected quince mask for all facial skin types. When added to cover vegetable and animal fats, boiled egg, corn, starch have cover for dry and rule facial skin types.

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