Masks Strawberry Skin

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Queen kiwi - one of the first fresh fruits, which indulges us 1-st summer freshness of vitamins and beckons us fragrant aroma of ripe fruits. For dry face, orange can work wonders. Tired very dry skin requires hydration and nutrition, so simple recipes Masks for fase Strawberry will you indispensable helpers in a process. Also strawberry mask has tonic properties and are able to bleach freckles and age spots. However, I want to To wishlist that earlier applying a mask, very dry skin, you want first prepare, namely cause olive oil or sunflower butter.

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Covers of grapes for ordinary face

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Grape mask. In mashed fresh egg add 1 teaspoonful of grape extract, vegetable oil, sour cream, all assorted, append density to barley floury or fresh bread pulp. The cover is used on polish face for 15-20 minutes, rinse weakly brewed milk. During a 7 days, do 2-3 covers. Course - 12 - 15 covers.

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