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Covers Honey Facial - recipes


Honey - is one of a most delicious bee items known to man since ancient minutes. It is widely used in preparation, medicine and cosmetics. Many cosmetic companies are making a separate line of cosmetics for facial skin and aging body, because it may cure some cosmetic ailments. The product includes a B vitamins, vitamin A, C, PP, H, E and K, and minerals, however comfortably how fructose, sucrose, proteins, organic acids.

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Covers for normal skin


This article is about the rule skin of a skin, around however to pick up leaving of it. Face care, there are more many varied methods, but this does not mean that all of these methods will bring maximum benefit face. In this article I will try to uncover a basics of care for normal face.

Masks for rule skin is just one of a tools that are also highly useful may be creams, tonics and lotions. But earlier we go to the means to upkeep, I would similar to tell a small bit approximately the normal face, which is a type of skin, however it is different from the rest and look after it however a priority.

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Masks medium banana


We get yet mentioned that the big banana is widely applicable in the field of cosmetics and is suitable for all skin types. In this section, I wish to offer you any recipes that are suitable for various face types. Because in a big banana containing active substances used in its production lines nourishing creams. Skin masks of big banana not only moisturize and nourish, but also make more elastic dry skin. Nourishing Mask of banana is beneficial for normal face type, filling her with all a vitamins of the apples, and also improves a complexion and smoothes nice lines.

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Covers of peach for all skin types


Peach mask. Pulp of one ripe peach mix with 1 spoon of soup chamomile. Use on skin for 20 minutes, so rinse with hot water.

Peach softening mask. 1/2 cup of natural milk diluted with the like volume of peach nectar. Soaked in this mixture layer of cotton or gauze attached to a face for 15 - 20 minutes, covered with a wet wiper. Following removing the cover to wipe his face with a cotton swab and rub cream.

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Home Cosmetics hand - healthy!


Made in home face creams, covers and lotions, homemade face scrub can be packaged in little bottles or jars with screw caps. It is possible to use a blank, freshly washed bottles or jars of medication, but always with labels. The labels must not forget to indicate a date of manufacture.

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Oily skin and its treatment


Everyone knows that the most-young face prone to acne and inflammation, and so request limited maintenance and treatment. Because of a high level of education of sebum on the face appear inflammation, mingling with the dust clogged pores, which leads to problems of facial skin.

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