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Especial exercises


1-st strongly zazhmurte skin eyes and then open them as wide however potential. Repeat 10 times.

Keep your head up, look left-right-up-and-down. Describe a few laps. Change direction. A few laps in the opposite direction to right-up-down-left.

Quick-quick blink. Close a skin eyes, but not zhmurtes.

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Honey Mask for Dry Skin


Face covers of honey in a summer, honey forms thin film that prevents evaporation.

A mask of natural honey. Combine 2 teaspoonful of honey, 1 soup spoon strong brewed milk (one tsp. Of tea brewed in a quarter cup of boiling water, leave for 30 - 40 min, drain), 2 tablespoons of corn and 1-2 tablespoons of water. A resulting gravity is great rub and warmed in a aqua bath. Use to face with a thick layer, cover with a paper jack-towel and a wiper. Of the 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool h2o.

A mask of natural honey for sluggish skin.

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Masks bow


Onion - a plant long known since a time of Ancient Egypt. Bow has a lot of desirable properties - it is the strongest antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, healing wounds. Onions are widely used not alone in cooking but also in folk medicine, especially masks and face care bow will be goodness helpers for all skin types.

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Determination of skin type


1st determine if a skin itself will seem heavily, do not despair: a person accustomed to watching, you can easily learn how to evaluate it.

Diagnostic scheme for determining the skin type and its condition is based on an evaluation of clinical characteristics dry face, as rightly however its degree of flabbiness. The essence of a scheme referred to in a diagnostic tests listed below, following the classification of types of facial skin.

Type 1. Ordinary facial skin fat, tone is good.

This is one of a most common types of healthy, durable skin. It is generally rightly tolerated soap and other external stimuli, tolerates sun with her some worries. Without cosmetic care about a long time she has a like shape, the aging process in normal gradually. Only 'tween thirty and forty years, it depending on a condition and service goes into a next group.

Type 2.

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