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Masks of rowan


Masks of ash, not every girl may create a guess, but on our site has recipes for even a rare miss.

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Covers and compresses


Curd cover. In a a small piece of gauze wrap some curds. Attach a cheesecloth to ages of 10 min.

Tea compress. Brew green or black green tea. Soak cotton balls in the tea leaves and attach a duo of min to centuries. Repeat 3-4 times.


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Determination of skin type


1st determine if a skin itself will seem heavily, do not despair: a person accustomed to watching, you can easily learn how to evaluate it.

Diagnostic scheme for determining the skin type and its condition is based on an evaluation of clinical characteristics dry face, as rightly however its degree of flabbiness. The essence of a scheme referred to in a diagnostic tests listed below, following the classification of types of facial skin.

Type 1. Ordinary facial skin fat, tone is good.

This is one of a most common types of healthy, durable skin. It is generally rightly tolerated soap and other external stimuli, tolerates sun with her some worries. Without cosmetic care about a long time she has a like shape, the aging process in normal gradually. Only 'tween thirty and forty years, it depending on a condition and service goes into a next group.

Type 2.

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Day cream skin care


Daily facial skin upkeep item today is more momentous than the other. It provides the necessary protection for a skin with a harmful effects of a environment, from drying and UV exposure.

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Masks quince for rule skin


Quince and honey mask. 1 spoon a butter well assorted with a yolk of 1 egg, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 soup spoon of grated quince pulp until polish. Use on a facial skin for 20-30 minutes, remove the excess with a tissue.

Purifying Cover Quince. Quinces grate and blend with serum and egg yolk (all in equal amounts). Cover put on facial skin for 15-20 minutes, so remove with soft moist cotton swab and rinse face with water.

Refreshing cover of aloe and honey. Blend equal amounts (1 teaspoon), aloe extract, white natural honey, glycerin, h2o, slowly stirring, add 1 teaspoon of rice (roll oats or crushed), all closely stir until shine.

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Covers of peach for female skin


Covers of peach. 1 ripe peach mix into pulp, throw in 1 teaspoonful of starch or rice. Use mixing to a skin and neck skin for 20 min, rinse with soft aqua. Cover to do 2-3 minutes a week.

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