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Masks of orange


Imagine that, the orange cover is also valuable as tasty. And it is almost however. Orange properties are extremely helf, both for the melon that filled all a shelves in a stores: vitamins same A, C, B1, B2, P, and they are great impact on a facial skin, its sweet and extremely helpful for porous and combination skin.

Covers from a ripe banana

Not once we mentioned ripe banana as one of the most versatile cosmetics. After all, this is actually the case. Huge map recipes covers pushing a idea that a medium banana is one of the most good raspberries used in cosmetology. You will find recipes for a skin in great quantities and in a rate with the variant ingredients.

Covers of quince

This melon is remarkable in that it has a any cosmetic properties: strengthening, antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent.

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Masks for rule facial skin


This article is about a normal skin of the face, some how to pick up leaving of it. Face attention, there are more a lot of varied methods, but this does not mean that all of these methods will bring maximum benefit facial skin. In this article I will strive to uncover a basics of care for ordinary facial skin.

Covers for ordinary facial skin is just one of the tools that are also highly valuable can be creams, tonics and lotions. But before we go to a means to service, I would similar to tell a little bit around the ordinary facial skin, which is a type of facial skin, so it is various from the rest and look after it however a priority.

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Murphy cover for a skin eyes.


Egg rub lotion (calendula tincture) with any facial skin, and when dry - milk, 0.5-diluted with h2o or veggie, the best olive, butter. Cooked in the skins clean potatoes, cut, mix with 1 teaspoonful of sour serum or olive butter. Pulp in a shape of heat put on a lower eyelids and around a outer corners of a skin eyes where nice network of skin wrinkles, and around the mouth and on the eyelids - cotton swab moistened with cooled brew tea or a cool chamomile extract. Removing a pads with an eye cover potatoes rinse with cool h2o, lower eyelids skin cleanser.

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Covers of potatoes for every skin


Potato toning mask for sensitive facial skin. Peeled raw potato grate, slurry is placed 'tween 2 layers of gauze, put on skin for 15-20 min and rinse with heartwarming h2o. Already with a overlay mask on a facial skin to the neck skin, too, can put the potatoes slices.

Murphy cover for parched face. Some potatoes boiled in your skins, peel, bruise into a puree and combine with good cream or cream to the consistency of great spotting gravity. The mix in a shape of heat applied to the face for 10-Fifteen minutes, then wipe the facial skin with a cotton swab.

Mask of potatoes. It boiled in their skins and mashed big potatoes add to 1 teaspoon of sour cream, milk, olive oil or glycerin.

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Alelsinovo-curd cover for aging skin of the neck skin.


2 spoon fat curds mixed with a extract of half an orange and 1 teaspoonful of vegetable oil. The mix is used to a double folded gauze, which pribintovyvayut a neck for 15-20 minutes. Later removing a mask neck water-washed with hot water. This mask is desirable to 2 times a 7 days.

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Masks with grapes

This article will be valuable for those who would same to find the cosmetic use of fruits like grapes. We are pleased to inform you that the cover with the grapes are more popular and are on our website in big numbers. This is one of the most well-known ingredients in a making of facial skin masks.

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Folk remedies for blackheads


Almost every girl is facing a extremely painful and unsightly issue how black dots that appear on a face. Once you appear on a skin, a skin becomes untidy and she becomes unattractive and sloppy exterior, and they can seriously spoil the mood.

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