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Home cosmetics with your hands


How to cook a homemade makeup yourself? About consultants and authors of especial books too complicated recipes. So, a lot of gerls never try to prepare the own creams, lotions, masks pieces, because they believe that it is quite a hard task, but because industrial products complete. But this is false.

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Circulatory failure


As what causes the face of dark circles under the skin eyes can be extremely diverse. A chief thing to determine why you enjoy had dark circles under his skin eyes. That depends on as you will solve a problem.

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Covers of apples for the face


Big apple is highly effective, in other matters on this later, but the most significant item that a covers of medium apples is more great effect on a facial skin and that's why we possess prepared a any recipes to help you make a mask at home.

However, there is one small rule, in ordering to improve a capacity of apple cover dry face to indulge sweet fresh apples, and for fatty acid type, apply the winter varieties.

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Normal skin type faces


A normal skin does not enjoy drawbacks, it is quite elastic, has a healthy color shades of beige and pink colors, shine surface of the skin and the absence of enlarged pores emphasize a soundness of the skin type. You can frequently hear the opinion that a skin does not claim to leaving, but this is misleading how the fact that the normal skin can not turn into a dry or any. If you do not pay proper attention to the face, the skin can speedily turn with normal to "abnormal."

The main task is to ensure rule feeding your healthy facial skin and protect it with external environmental factors.

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Masks zucchini for dry face


Ingredients Masks for skin zucchini:

- 1 small zucchini;

- 1 chicken egg.

In this mask for a face of a zucchini in a first place wants a fresh pumpkin nectar. To do this on a grater grate the zucchini and squeeze through cheesecloth spoon juice. A resulting breeding juice blend with a chicken egg, but do not stir. A resulting face cover zucchini used for 15-20 minutes. Face mask zucchini removed with a wet swab. Do not forget, after each procedure to put the cream.

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Covers for normal facial skin


This article is some a ordinary skin of a skin, around however to pick up service of it. Facial skin care, there are more many various methods, but this does not mean that all of these methods will bring maximum benefit face. In this article I will strive to uncover the basics of care for rule skin.

Masks for normal facial skin is just one of the tools that are also much effective may be creams, tonics and lotions. But before we go to the means to attention, I would like to tell a little bit around a rule skin, which is a type of skin, as it is variant with a rest and look after it as a priority.

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