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Fluid creams applied to a facial skin type


How, a lot of because of a simplicity in circulation prefer to apply a however-called lightness version fluid cream "butter in h2o". A lot of women even To think of that a sooner the cream is absorbed into the face, the higher a efficiency. But it is, unfortunately, another weight self-hypnosis.

In it really indispensable to "smudge" cream after each bath is strongly inspired by adverts? Of course not. Anyway, not every type of skin wants it. But just request to very dry face of the being in the h2o to soften cream that she regained protective film.

Occasionally the liquid fluid manufacturers introduce light-protective filters. True, it is not clear why this is done.

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Special exercises


First strongly zazhmurte eyes so open them however wide however possible. Repeat 10 minutes.

Keep the head up, be left-right-up-and-down. Describe a few laps. Change direction. A any laps in a opposite direction to right-up-down-left.

Quick-quick blink. Close your eyes, but not zhmurtes.

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Masks medium banana for dry face


Cover of ripe banana. Great mashed ripe banana mixed with 1 teaspoon of grapefruit nectar. The mix was put on face for 15 - 20 minutes, then rinse with heartwarming water. Banana cover can be done permanently. Course - 20 covers.

- 1 tsp. Of lemon juice.

Covers recipes in this section:

Covers with grapes

This article will be good for those who would similar to find a cosmetic use of fruits such as grapes.

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Covers of peach for all skin types


Peach cover. Pulp of one ripe peach mixed with 1 spoon of soup chamomile. Use on skin for 20 min, so rinse with heartwarming water.

Peach softening mask. 1/2 cup of milk diluted with a same amount of peach fresh juice. Soaked in this mix layer of cotton or gauze attached to the skin for 15 - 20 min, covered with a wet jack-towel. After removing the cover to wipe his facial skin with a cotton swab and rub cream.

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Consumers chemical - voluntary participants in the big chemical experiment


I should to draw readers' efforts to the issue of long-term negative impact of a purely cosmetic and get any kind of side capacity of medical drugs. This is a very important issue however it relates to the uncontrolled human apply chemical products.

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Covers of Viburnum


Kalina - effective berry, which is used both in fresh food and in traditional medicine. Great is no exception, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a recipes facial skin mask of viburnum, which are suitable for dry facial skin. Kalina has cleansing properties that help cleanse oily skin and remove excess fat. With regular use of cranberry formula, you will see effect in just a some applications.

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