Natural honey Mask for Dry Facial skin


Masks for fase covers of honey in the summer, honey forms thin film that prevents evaporation.

The cover of honey. Combine 2 teaspoons of natural honey, 1 soup spoon strong brewed green tea (one teaspoonful of watter brewed in a quarter cup of boiling aqua, leave for 30 - 40 min, drain), 2 soup spoon of corn and 1-2 tablespoon of h2o. A resulting mass is great rub and warmed in a h2o bath. Use to facial skin with a thick layer, cover with a paper wiper and a jack-towel. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool aqua.

The mask of honey for sluggish facial skin. Stir in natural honey (100 g) with 2 tsp.

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Folk remedies for blackheads


Almost every girl is facing a much painful and unsightly question how black dots that appear on the facial skin. Once you appear on the skin, the skin becomes untidy and she becomes unattractive and sloppy externality, and they may seriously spoil the mood.

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Peach cover for oil.


Ripe peach mash with a spoon into pulp, add 1 teaspoon of sour cream or corn (olive) butter and 1 teaspoonful of starch for viscosity. Use to skin for 20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm h2o.

A mask of peach a butter. 1 soup spoon of warm peach oil well mixed with 1 spoon of honey, a mixing applied to a gauze and put on the face. Rinse with hot water later 20-25 min.

Peach cover for dull and flaky skin. Combine the egg with 1 tsp. Of peach the butter and 1 teaspoonful of liquidity honey.

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Masks Strawberry Skin


Queen kiwi - one of the first fresh fruits, which indulges us 1-st summer freshness of vitamins and beckons us fragrant aroma of ripe fruits. For dry face, orange can work wonders. Tired very dry skin requires hydration and nutrition, so simple recipes Masks for fase Strawberry will you indispensable helpers in a process. Also strawberry mask has tonic properties and are able to bleach freckles and age spots. However, I want to To wishlist that earlier applying a mask, very dry skin, you want first prepare, namely cause olive oil or sunflower butter.

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Masks of apples for the face


Big apple is more useful, in other matters on this later, but the most great item that a covers of medium apples is highly helf effect on the facial skin and that's why we enjoy prepared a some recipes to help you create a cover at home.

However, there is one small rule, in order to improve a effect of red apple mask very dry face to indulge confection apples, and for fatty acid type, use a winter varieties.

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Bags under the eyes of the funds


Unfortunately, the older we have, the more we keep the problems associated with a facial skin. It ceases to be resilient, so a nice man. Any changes in a aging body are immediately reflected on the face. A lot of are concerned size the bags under the skin eyes, which are noticeably old face and make it unhealthy person. What to do?

Bags under a skin eyes - folk remedies, proven over many generations to yourself will help you.

Mask of the parsley. Finely chop a parsley, combine it with 2 tsp.

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A black dots on a facial skin and to combat them


Regardless of age, sex and type of activity, sooner or later, everyone can see on his skin a presence of black dots. Of course, this person is not such a serious question, like all kinds of pimples or acne. But in a presence of blackheads on a face, a facial skin looks messy.

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