Bags under the eyes of the funds


Unfortunately, the older we have, the more we keep the problems associated with a facial skin. It ceases to be resilient, so a nice man. Any changes in a aging body are immediately reflected on the face. A lot of are concerned size the bags under the skin eyes, which are noticeably old face and make it unhealthy person. What to do?

Bags under a skin eyes - folk remedies, proven over many generations to yourself will help you.

Mask of the parsley. Finely chop a parsley, combine it with 2 tsp. Of sour fluid. Use to the facial skin under the eyes and leave for 20 min.

Potatoes. Seethe a potatoes in their jackets. Let it cool slightly. Cut in 1/2 and attach to the eyes for Fifteen minutes.

Contrasting packs of sage. In 0.5 cup of boiling h2o 1 teaspoon throw sage. Let sit for 10 min and strain. Divide a liquid in 0.5. One part - heating, and the second - cool. Cotton swabs 1-st dip in the heartwarming liquid and apply to the skin eyes for a any minutes, so cool. Treatment time - 10 minutes. To achieve a good capacity, such a proceedings must be carried out at least a 30 days.

Compresses. By a technique, you can do different. For example, parsley, dill, regular watter bags. Dip a cotton swab into the soft soup, and for 10 minutes, use them for ever.

Soup. Two tablespoons of the herb horsetail pour 400 ml of h2o. Boil for 30 minutes and strain a resulting bisque. Moisten a cotton swab in it and attach them to a eyelids.

Compress of chamomile. In tissue pour a some chamomile flowers and create a kind of bags. Dip them in boiling water for 10 min. Then warm bags put in both skin eyes. By the method, chamomile helps cut inflammation of the eye. Moreover, if we use this tool regularly 2-3 minutes a week, chamomile warned earlier appearance of skin wrinkles.

Lotions of birch leaves. One soup spoon of recent birch leaves a glass of cold-blooded water. Within 91 hours let stand and strain. In a resulting liquidity soak cotton balls and attach them to a skin eyes.

Do not like the bags under the skin eyes - people's your money will come to the aid. Everything you require is easy to find in the pharmacy and in your refrigerator. The main thing - to carry out procedures on a regular basis.

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