Determination of skin type


1st determine if a skin itself will seem heavily, do not despair: a person accustomed to watching, you can easily learn how to evaluate it.

Diagnostic scheme for determining the skin type and its condition is based on an evaluation of clinical characteristics dry face, as rightly however its degree of flabbiness. The essence of a scheme referred to in a diagnostic tests listed below, following the classification of types of facial skin.

Type 1. Ordinary facial skin fat, tone is good.

This is one of a most common types of healthy, durable skin. It is generally rightly tolerated soap and other external stimuli, tolerates sun with her some worries. Without cosmetic care about a long time she has a like shape, the aging process in normal gradually. Only 'tween thirty and forty years, it depending on a condition and service goes into a next group.

Type 2. Skin ordinary fat capacity, approximately slack.

Compression test is positive, the folds are formed spontaneously in places sagging face. This type of skin is found mainly of the 50 years and alone in the absence of any kind was cosmetic attention. With minimal service, this type of skin is normally seen alone in old age.

The third type. Normal skin fat, flabby.

Type 4. A face is very dry, the tone is great.

This type of face is found alone in young, she has a helf be, but at a like time, it is very sensitive and reacts to the irritation does not tolerate soaps. It needs a focused ongoing attention, with leaving, a use of creams that protect with a sun as rightly how with other external influences. In the absence of proper care it pretty speedily, frequently at a prettily age, goes to a following group.

5th type. The face is dry, somewhat flabby.

6th type. The skin is dry. Flabby.

7th type. Skin is any, sensitive, goodness tone.

This type of skin occurs betwixt the ages of 18 and 30 years. During a transition period, ofttimes inflammatory, at times exciting sebaceous glands, acne appears. A face is unattractive because of a light and the presence of clogged pores, which collects dust. This facial skin is very dry and very sensitive, frequently carries no soap, no female cosmetics on a basis, ofttimes in irritation, redness, and occasionally peeling. At this stage of the test for a fat capacity can be negative, and if it were not for the presence of noticeable clogged pores, could be defined as a type of skin very dry. A systematic lovely service, and if there are signs of inflammation and flaking, needs individualized attention by a physician. Of the 30 years there is laxity and facial skin type changes (type 107).

8th type. Face is oily, sensitive, somewhat flabby.

9th face type. Face is combination, sensitive, loose.

Characteristics of female face and its characteristics according to the type 7. Expressed but flabby skin with face care wrinkles; rotary compression test is clearly good, facial skin folds formed arbitrarily. Traditional cosmetic care methods are of secondary importance, a radical decision, suitable plastic surgery.

10th type. Any skin, the tone is great.

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Masks of strawberries

Masks of berries

Covers of dairy products

Covers with honey

Mask of clay

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