Masks of honey for rule facial skin


The cover of honey and clay. By 1 tsp. Of fluid honey throw in 30-40 drops of grapefruit juice and around 1 soup spoon of white clay. It is possible to also add any coldness aqua to a white slurry, which is applied to a skin and neck with a spatula. Of the 25-30 minutes, ablution off the cover with cool aqua, so wipe the face with slices of lemon. Rounding out the process a any coldness compresses. Make one mask once a 7 days.

Toning natural honey cover for aging skin, 2 tablespoons of hot semolina, cooked in natural milk until the consistency of thick cream, combine with honey (1 teaspoon), fresh egg, sol (1/2 teaspoon), so add 2-3 soup spoon recent apricot juice and apply on face for 20 min.

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